lunes, 30 de enero de 2017

We won't fail you world

Por: Chato Wilbury

Mr Funke:

Thank you for all the tips that you deployed in our production line.

It must be hard for you to come and provide your experience to the people in México who is taking your jobs from Montreal to Querétaro, but you know? At the end I think you will be proud about the result.

Let me explain.


Fortunately, you Quebecois have a very good level of life and very good salary, but that increases the cost of the payroll in your country.

I think the solution proposed by your directives and managers is very practical: Send some of the manufacture operations to cheaper places overseas. This way we will send you cheaper parts and subassemblies to be finished in your plants as complete aircrafts empowering the canadian brand Bombardier.

If Bombardier is more competitive, we will sell more aircrafts than Boeing, because protectionist politics will make american products more expensive. Selling more aircrafts is create more jobs for you guys. (Maybe the main competitor will still be Embraer who are very cheap).


On the other hand, I accept that México has fallen several levels in the competitivity ranking, being now the worst of the OCDE, mainly because of lack of experience and quality issues.

Every mexican labor hour generates only $20 USD and this must change now. If investments are no profitable you will receive more expensive components.(Source)

We cannot get to that. We cannot sleep while the job is comming. We need to work hardly to improve this if we want to keep you as partners and keep working in the global scenary.


Sometimes I need to wait up to 10 mins to get a WC because the people inside is busy with their cellphones.

I see it as a wasted chance and it cannot go like that. Every time I see one of such guys, I rememeer to him that they are risking the business because of lazy.

I will keep creating culture of productivity as much as I can.


Including poor countries in the global development plans might be a great idea. Think about it: The son of some of the operator that you trained last week, might go to school instead of ask for money in the streeta. Even might be the scientist who invents the cure of the sickness that some of your beloved might be suffering right now, instead of be an illegal in your country.

You see? When help does not have frontiers, even oneself can receive the results.

Thanks again and come back soon!

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